DIY Butterfly Feeder

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Butterflies are beautiful creatures so wouldn’t you love to see them flying around your garden? An easy way to do this is with an easy to make butterfly feeder.

We’ve used our butterfly hanging tray for ease as it is hangs nicely, but alternatively you can use a plastic plate with punched holes and hang it with wire.

What to feed them

SPOILED FRUITS: Butterflies love spoiled fruits so this is a great way to use fruits you were going to throw away.

Bright colours and sweet tastes are perfect so strawberries, nectarines and oranges make great candidates for butterfly food. In addition, you can take a knife and run it along the fruits edges so the butterflies can access the juice more easily. 

A fruit that doesn’t quite fit this criteria but is a sure favourite for butteries is a spoiled or mushy banana. If you only have fresh available you can freeze the banana and let it thaw to create the same effect. 

HOMEMADE NECTAR: As butterflies naturally feed from plant nectar, you can make some yourself by simply mixing 1 part sugar or honey with 4 parts boiling water. Mix in the sugar until it dissolves and allow to cool before putting it out. 

Once you have prepared your butterfly feast, place your butterfly feeder somewhere that receives direct sunlight. Butterflies love the sun and hate the wind so bare this in mind!

Be sure to clean out your butterfly feeder if your notice your fruit dries out or becomes mouldy. You can keep it moist for longer by adding fruit juice. 

Keeping them in your garden

A butterfly feeder is only one way to attract butterflies to your garden, but to make them stay you’ll want to have plants that they love. Lavender and buddleia tend to be amongst their favourites.

An easy way to create a butterfly sanctuary is to plant bright flowers that love, add a flat rock to the garden for the butterflies to bask and put a small shallow pan of water out for them to drink.



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