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Charities We've Supported So Far

Charities We've Supported So Far

As a small business we get lots of requests for donations, and whilst we would LOVE to help everyone we simply can't. 

So, to support as many deserving causes as possible we are continuing to donate one item a month to a different charity. 

Here's a list of the charities & the items we've we've been able to donate to so far:


✨ Happy Staffie Rescue - Staffie Solar Wall Plaque

✨ PSP Association - Remembrance Solar Wall Plaque

✨ Roleystone Horse & Pony Sanctuary - Horse in Barn Solar Wall Plaque

✨ Lothians Veteran Centre - Remembrance Solar Wall Plaque

✨ Team Hill Charitable Trust - Tree of Life Solar Wall Plaque



✨ Cycling Without Age - Tree of Life Solar Wall Plaque

Lancashire Cat Rescue - Cat Solar Wall Plaque

✨ Woodland House, St Austell (Cornwall Care) - Tree of Life Solar Wall Plaque

✨ Charlie's Hedgehog Rescue - Hedgehog Solar Wall Plaque 

The Lewis Foundation - Gin O'Clock Solar Wall Plaque

✨ Lincolnshire, Essex and Trent Boxer Rescue - Boxer Solar Wall Plaque 

Theodora Children's Charity - Tree of Life Solar Wall Plaque


If you’ve got a charity close to your heart that we could support, let us know via the form below:

Click here to complete our Charity Donation Request Form 

The charity will be selected at random, with a consideration of when the fundraising event is taking place.

For any charities we are able to support, we would really love for you to share any photos from your event with us, and how much in total you managed to raise. 

In turn, we'll promise to spread the word about your fundraising with our community too! 

Royal British Legion

Did you know since the release of our Remembrance Solar Wall Plaque back in 2019, every November we've also donated a percentage of profits from our Forces Collection to the Royal British Legion.

So far, with your support, we've raised a whopping £6,392.82!! 

Find out more here 🌹

Until next time,

Jess Flory xx

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