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The Flory Story

Flory's Online Jess Flory

As a family, we've always looked for 'something different' when it comes to garden decor. Something that looks great and would stand out from an often busy garden.

My Dad, an engineer in the laser cutting industry, suggested making our own hanging basket brackets but rather than copying the traditional frame designs you see, actually designing our own.

My Mum loved birds and I loved cats so this seemed like a perfect place to start. We designed and created a few and after testing them out, they looked great!

Family and friends constantly asked where we bought them from, so naturally you can imagine the surprise when we told them we made them. It's safe to say a few of them were asking for favours!

This was the very beginning of Flory's Online.

Everything you see is designed and built by us in the heart of the UK using specialist equipment, and finished to the highest quality.

We are very passionate about our creations with a great engineer behind each design.

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