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How do Solar Lights work?

How do Solar Lights work?

When direct sunlight passes through the panels (located on top of your light) the battery inside stores the solar energy and when it gets dark it transforms it into electrical energy to power the light.

But how does the Solar Light know to come on at night?

There is a detector inside the light which recognises the low light levels which then activates the light.

The AA battery, that has been charged from the direct sunlight in the day, powers the light throughout the night.

Please note: Our solar lights are not motion censored and will turn on once dark, and turn off when they run out of charge. 

Solar Lights

Does it matter where I fix the solar light in my garden?

To ensure your solar light receives enough charge, to turn on and stay on for as long as possible, it will need as much direct sunlight as possible. 

Keep in mind the sun moves throughout the day, so be aware of any shade that may block your solar light. Any trees or bushes that cover your solar light will also have the same impact. 

Solar Light Wall Plaques and Garden Brackets in the day

My light has has stopped turning on at night, is it broken?

The solar lights we’ve been using since summer 2020 for our Solar Wall Plaques come with a removable rechargeable AA battery. 

This means when the battery is no longer able to hold the charge, all you need to do is simply replace it with another rechargeable AA battery! You can purchase them on our store here.


If you have any more questions or queries about your solar lights, please do not hesitate to get in touch - email us via 

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