Introducing the Lancaster Bomber Solar Wall Plaque

Posted by Jess Flory on

We are so pleased to announce that we now have a Lancaster Bomber design in our Solar Light Wall Plaque Collection!

We were aware this design was very sentimental for many of you, so we wanted to make sure it is right. We asked for your feedback on Facebook before it was released, and have been able to make a few small adjustments that were needed. 


Lancaster Bomber Solar Light Wall Plaque


We recommend purchasing the Lancaster Bomber WITH the White Background to really help show the design and its detail at its best! 

We've already had some few lovely photos sent in from our customers, here are a few so far...


Lancaster Bomber Solar Light Wall Plaque on Garden Shed
 A lovely way to light up your shed at the bottom of our garden is to pop one of our Solar Lights on the top. Super handy for lighting up the lock. 


Spitfire and Lancaster Bomber Solar Light Wall Plaque
This customer has placed their Lancaster Bomber underneath their Spitfire Wall Plaque! 
Lancaster Bomber Solar Wall Plaque
This lovely customer has our Spitfire Solar Plaque, Spitfire Wall Art and our new Lancaster Bomber design in their garden! How fantastic! 
As always, if you have one of Solar Lights or Garden Brackets, we would love to see a photo of them up around your home and garden. Simply send them to us via email (, Facebook or Instagram


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