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Introducing our Mystery Box

Welcome to the ultimate scrapbook of Flory's mystery box adventures! We may only have released just one mystery box so far but after selling out in only 2 hours I think even just our first April Spring themed mystery box deserves some fanfare! 

Dive into a world of delightful surprises, hidden treasures, and the thrill of the unknown and explore our past mystery boxes. 

To find out more about our current mystery box click here!  

April 2024- Spring Mystery Box 🌷📦

This was our very first Mystery Box and it sold out in just 2 hours! 🤯 

I was so excited to share this box with you and I was so proud of how it came together but still I can say honestly I didn't expect such a great response 😆 Thanks so much to everyone that ordered 💖 

Our first box launched right at the beginning of April so a Spring theme only made sense- containing items ranging from a mug to a tote bag perfect for Spring 🌷

Check out what some the lucky 50 recipients of our first ever Mystery Box had to say below ⬇️ 

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