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13 Steps To Hosting The Perfect Halloween Garden Party

13 Steps To Hosting The Perfect Halloween Garden Party

I don’t know about you but at this point I’ve watched Hocus Pocus (1 and 2) Casper and the Haunted Mansion about 10 times each and it’s officially the season for pumpkins, vampires and things that go bump in the night!

And there is no better way to celebrate Autumn and Halloween than with a Halloween themed party, and for me, though it might be slightly colder, I think there’s nothing better than a halloween garden party- there’s just something about a dark garden with all your family and friends and lots of festive foods and decorations that is just the perfect way to spend the 31st of October. 

So I thought I would put together a list of 13 things I think are absolute essentials to being the GHOST-ess with the mostess and hosting the perfect Halloween garden party…

1- SPOOK-tacular Invitations 👻

You know me, if there’s an opportunity for a pun I’ll be the one to find it and there is no better time for some puns than a Halloween party invitation. And don’t get me wrong at all, these don’t have to be printed and posted, a simple text or email with some halloween puns and emojis can be just as lovely. 

Why not try the example below, it's sure to get your guests attention! 

Halloween invitation

2- Pop A Pumpkin On Your Porch 🎃

I love seeing pumpkins popping up on driveways, porches and in kitchen windows this time of year and there really is no better time to get your pumpkins out than a Halloween party! They can also be a great way to make your house stand out if you’re inviting guests that might not have visited you before too. 

But I know looking at a pumpkin and working out how to make it look like those beautiful statement pieces we see in all the movies can be quite a daunting prospect so I’ve found an amazing article by Good Housekeeping that covers the basics of pumpkin carving and even has a video tutorial to match so it couldn’t be easier. 

And, if you’re looking for some design suggestions- these are some of my favourites!

Pumpkin carving ideas perfect for your garden halloween party

3- Allow A Pumpkin To Pour You A Drink 🍷

Pumpkins are not just for the outside and they definitely are not just for candles anymore either, they can even have a spot on your drinks table these days! You can transform your pumpkin (and your boxed wine) into a beautiful halloween themed practical display piece on your drinks table! 

I have been seeing this all over the place this year and I absolutely love it so I just had to share this idea with you and this article from Kitchn is so easy to follow so you can add this to your party essential list without thinking twice. 

Pumpkin drinks dispenser

4- Get Some Scarily Good Food 🍔

There are lots of things that can make a good party but there are very few things that can make a bad party and bad food is right at the top of that list! I know in my family at least if your food is bad you’ll never hear the end of it, so making sure you have a spread of good, tasty food is essential (and if you can go on theme then that’s even better)! 

Some of my favourite ideas include a handmade spiderweb pizza (which definitely isn’t just a normal pizza with strategic cheese placement) and some pumpkin burgers (which are also definitely not just normal burgers with a bell pepper stem on top and holes in the bun to make it look like a carved pumpkin)! 

But really, yes, it is that easy to make yummy food on theme, and better still these ideas are both easily customisable based on the specific needs of your guests- whether they’re gluten free or vegetarian, making substitutions is really simple. And these recipes are so easy to make, you can even find pizza bases rolled and ready to go and burgers already prepped at your supermarket! 

However, if you’re looking for some more ideas perfect for flexing your catering skills check out the rest of the amazing recipes in this article by woman’s day that gives you 60 halloween recipes to try (including more detailed on the spider pizza and pumpkin burgers)!

Halloween themed food for your halloween. garden party

5- And Some Fab-BOO-lously Good Drinks ☕️

Your drinks display is another thing that can make or break your party! And though you’ve got your pumpkin boxed wine set and ready to go this isn’t for everyone so it’s always a good idea to have some other options (and of course it helps if they’re on theme!) 

I have a few favourites, all of them are warm drinks perfect for an outdoor party!

This yummy hot apple pie punch recipe by GoodFood is a lovely super easy warming festive spiced drink that will be a hit with all ages at your party and of course you can’t forget about hot chocolate- an absolute staple! And I’ve found 2 lovely looking recipes, one for a deluxe hot chocolate and another for a Salted Caramel Rum Hot Chocolate- just make sure you make it very clear which one has the Rum in if you’re popping them out on a drinks table! 

Halloween hot chocolate perfect for your halloween garden party

6- Time For Some Creepy but Cute Crockery 🍽

Theming is everything, you’ve got your themed drinks and food and now it’s time to get yourself some practical bits to complement them. There are so many good options around for paper plates and plastic cups but, if you’re conscious of how much single use waste comes from your party buying long lasting reusable items is a great investment and a lovely way to start a new Halloween Party Tradition. 

If you’re looking for something unique and limited edition there are always some lovely, truly unique options on Etsy. This metal spider bowl just screams Halloween, and these super cute ghost mugs would be perfect for your hot chocolates! And the best thing is, if you have the storage space for them, you can reuse them year on year. 

Halloween crockery perfect for your halloween garden party

7- Delightfully Devilish Decorations 🦇 

Decorations are a must for the atmosphere and as always all you have to do is head to your local supermarket and into the festive aisle to pick up some affordable (and totally spooky) bits for your garden- and this really is perfect if you’re hosting a party on a budget or don’t have the space to store a life sized skeleton in your loft for one night a year. 

However, if you feel like grabbing some classic pieces that you can use time and again I love this stunning scattered skeleton piece by BarwareByDeLux and these creepy animal skeletons by QuickDraw Supplies that would be perfect to pop out in your garden to scare the guests that go for a wander- you could even pop some of these witch leg stakes in the ground too! 

And even if you don’t have the storage space, why not take something you can have all year round and make it spooky for one night a year- our cat and owl solar light wall plaques would make the perfect all year round piece that, with a few artfully placed spiderwebs on halloween would transform them into a decoration piece as well as doubling as some outdoor lighting for your party- and you don’t have to find anywhere to store them. 

Scary Solar Light Wall Plaque- Flory's online

8- Fang-tastic Music 🎶

Music is another essential puzzle piece for creating the perfect atmosphere at your halloween garden party! A few strategically placed speakers and a good playlist can really add to the festive energy of your party, and there really is nothing like classic halloween music so I’ve gathered some of my favourites into the playlist below to get you started!

Halloween party playlist

9- Frightfully Fun Halloween Games 🍎

Halloween games can be so much fun, and I don’t know about your family but really the only time I can get my relatives to play games together is if there is an internationally recognised holiday that warrants it so I’ll always find a way to weave some in starting with a classic costume competition which really is the best way to ensure all your guest pull out all the stops for the mandatory photoshoot later on in the night! 

But for something simpler that everyone at the party can enjoy, from the kids to the adults, this list by Country Living has some amazing ideas for games to play including the classic apple bobbing and the exciting pumpkin bean bag toss- great ideas for all the family!

Halloween party games perfect for your garden halloween party

10- Some Fright-tastic Party Favours 🛍

Halloween party favours are super easy to do and, though they are absolutely not the most essential part of your party, I think it’s always nice to give your guests something to take away with them.  

And though I am an advocate for everything has to (and absolutely can just) include sweets and sugar on Halloween, these Halloween paint sets by EverythingvinByAlice would be a super cute addition to a party bag for any younger guest at your party and these personalised Chocolate Lollipops would be a lovely thoughtful sweet treat for your guests!

Candy Corn perfect for halloween party favour bags

11- Practically Perfect Lighting To Break Up The Dreadful Dark 🕯

We all know that it starts getting dark nice and early towards the end of October, we all do the stand by the window and the “It’s only 5pm and look how dark it is already, I can’t believe it.” routine so we all know it’s coming which means we’re going to need some outdoor lighting for your party! 

And there are so many options, this 10m LED light strip would be perfect to light your food and drinks tables and our hanging solar lights would be a wonderful way to light up the border of your garden to help your guests find their way around (and help you show off your potted plants that would usually be hiding in the dark corners of your garden!)

Hanging lights- Florys' online perfect for your halloween garden party

12- Warmth To Keep The Deadly Chill Away 🧣 

It is also very cold in October so, even if it’s not raining, it’s a good idea to prepare for the weather and remember that your guests may not have prepared for the weather as well as you have so you absolutely have to have blankets on hand! I love these outdoor blankets from Weaver Green that are stain resistant so perfect for outside use. 

You could even go so far to pick up some hand warmers for your guests, these ones by TylersTrinketBox are so cute and are reusable too so they’re perfect to use again on a cold Autumn walk or even for an outdoor Christmas party…

Blankets essential for you halloween garden party

13- And Lastly, But Most Importantly, The Treats 🍬

Perhaps the most crucial part of your Halloween Garden Party is the sweets! And these are not hard to come by at all and super easy to add to your evening!

I love the idea of having a ‘trick or treat’ table filled with goodies for your guests and it’s so easy to accomplish, just pick up some bits from whatever supermarket you shop at and lay them out on the day for all your guests to help themselves too! You can even incorporate the sweets as part of your dessert table- this article by recipesjust4u shares some amazing dessert table tips and inspiration so you can make it the centerpiece that it deserves to be!

Halloween treats table

And now you’re all set and ready to go for your halloween garden party! 

I hope you all have an amazing, fun and safe Halloween.

And if you try any of these ideas out please do send us your photos to or tag us on social media 📸

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