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7 Gift Ideas for New Home Owners 🏠

7 Gift Ideas for New Home Owners 🏠

Finding a ‘new home’ card is super easy, there’s so many great and funny  ones out there. But when it comes to a thoughtful gift it can be a little more tricky. The recipients who are moving may have sorted through their belongings and are making sure to only pack up what they continue to want and need. So, from my experience I always want to make sure I can give them a gift they will be able to use, eat or find a place for in their new abode. 

Here are my top 7 gift ideas for new homeowners, perfect for those moving for the first or fifteenth time...


1. A Solar Light Wall Plaque from Flory's Online 

Ok, so before we get started I wanted to show what my favourite (certainly slightly bias I have to admit) new home gift idea is. 

It’s one of our Solar Wall Plaques. Lots of our customers love popping these next to their front door and we’ve got a ‘My Home’ or ‘Our Home’ so there’s a design to suit whoever is moving! Plus if you know they will have a super sunny south-facing garden, our solar light wall plaques will fit right in there. 

There’s another 60 designs to choose from, or perhaps they might like another sort of solar light. You can discover all of them here.  Thoughtful and practical!

You can find the Home designs in our collection here. 

Flory's Online Solar Wall Plaques


2. Something to grow in the garden

Now trying to grow something in the garden might *not* be on the top of the priority list for your new homeowners, but this is certainly a gift they can look forward to! This gift set by The Rose Press Garden is absolutely gorgeous and comes with a card! The seeds are selected from the month you order the set in - so a lovely surprise for everyone!

The Rose Press Garden


3. A keyring for their new set of keys!

This might be quite an obvious gift but one that can be super special if you select it well. A keyring for their new set of keys! This keychain in particular can be personalised but also has a handy loop. If you have a feeling they already have this covered, you could also get them a key-hook like this one that could transform their hallway so they can never forget where they put them down (something I need!).



4. New Home Snacks or Biscuits

There’s lots of unpacking and reorganising that happens during a move, and one thing that would help all of this is snacks. These adorable biscuits look cute and so delicious. A box of the new homeowners favourite snacks would be devoured quickly and appreciated too to help fuel their hard work! Or they might take a moment to enjoy them once all the madness has calmed down and they’ve got their feet up watching their favourite TV show. 

 New Home Biscuits


5. An illustration of their new home

If you’re looking for a gift that is custom and personal, look no further than an illustration of their new home. There’s lots of different variations and in pricing depending on what medium the artist is using. All this gift requires is a photo of the outside of their new home and they take it from there! They’ll be able to keep this forever!

New Home Illustration


6. Garden gloves

Quite often when you move into a new home, the garden requires a bit of love. Perhaps they’ve got to give the hedge leading up to their front door a haircut or their grass has grown up to their knees since they’ve been going through the exchange of properties! A pair of garden gloves won’t go amiss. 

You can find garden gloves almost anywhere but these bee ones are super sweet!

 Garden Gloves


7. A box of essentials!

Tea bags, toilet roll, a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine, bin bags, or even some luxury hand soap! These are the things that new homeowners may have not unpacked yet or even been able to leave the house for.

These gifts will definitely be appreciated, and you can find them at any good supermarket!

The essentials


Well hopefully this list has given you some inspiration on what you could either gift (or even request 😉) the new home owners in your life. 

As always you can shop our full garden gift collection here, we've got something for everyone!

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