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2021 Royal British Legion Donation

2021 Royal British Legion Donation

I can't believe this! 

Royal British Legion Donation at Flory's Online


With your support we’ve been able to raise a whopping £2,493 for the Royal British Legion  😱 🤩 🌹 (you can learn more about how fabulous they are here

I never imagined we would raise this much money for such an important and fantastic charity, and am really quite speechless about it all 🥺

The designs in our Forces Collection hold a lot of meaning for so many of you, so I’m just so thrilled with the amount we’ve been able to raise 🌹

We’ve been donating to the Royal British Legion each year since we released our Remembrance Solar Wall Plaque (the one I’m holding here) back in 2019 and each year your support goes beyond my expectations in how we’re able to support this Charity 🙌


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