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What to expect from your Solar Lights this Winter...

What to expect from your Solar Lights this Winter...

Watch this short video as Jess shows us her garden to demonstrate what to expect from your Solar Lights as we get closer to Winter...

This little graphic might help explain things a little more!

Video Recap!

This video was filmed in November 2021.

Solar lights are very sensitive to direct sunlight, so I wanted to show you how mine perform in my garden:

  • My garden is north facing and the solar lights I have on the right hand side, which doesn’t get much sunlight, due to where they are positioned, have already turned off for the night.
  • However, on the left hand side of my garden, the solar lights are still on.
  • This fence on the left hand side runs from my front garden (south facing) all the way to the back garden (north facing). 
  • This fence gets a lot more direct sunlight than the other fence.
  • The solar lights in the front are still bright and shining because they receive the most amount of direct sunlight.
  • The solar lights on this fence in the back garden are on, but are much dimmer. My house blocks the amount the direct sunlight reaching these solar lights, and puts them in the shade for some of the day. 
  • This shows you just how differently solar lights perform depending on where they are fixed up in your garden.

It’s worth noting that not only will the positioning of your solar lights impact how well they perform but also the time of year.

On the longest day of the year (21st June) the UK can enjoy around a whopping 16 hours of daylight (that means lots of lovely direct sunlight to help your solar lights charge!)

Whereas the shortest day of the year (21st December) the UK may ONLY receive around 8 hours of daylight. This doesn’t mean your solar lights won’t turn on. It will be they will turn on but won’t stay on for quite so long.

This is useful to keep in mind if by the time you arrive home from work in the evening - they may have already switched on and turned off again! 

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