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6 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Chilli Hanging Basket! | Flory's Online

6 Easy Steps to Grow Your Own Chilli Hanging Basket!

6 easy steps to make a chilli hanging basket
Have you ever wanted to grow your very own chilli hanging baskets?
Follow this quick-step guide and you'll have it done in no time!
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What you will need:
Large Hanging Basket
Basket Liner (Coir or sisel)
Circle of Plastic (cut from an old compost bag)
Potting Compost
Potted Compact Chilli (e.g Prairie Fire or Thai Mound)

Spring Onion Seeds
Coriander Seeds


6 Easy Steps

1. Place your large hanging basket on something sturdy (i.e a plant container/pot) and place liner inside making it flush with the edges.

Line the inside with the circle of plastic and fill it two-thirds with compost.

2. Using the potting chilli plant for ease, plant the chilli in the centre of the basket at the same depth it was in the pot and fill with compost. 

Leave a gap between the compost and top of the basket to prevent over flow when watering. 

3. Water the compost. To go the extra mile, around the edge of the basket plant alternating spring onion and coriander seeds.

4. Once they start to sprout, spread them out to give them room to grow.

Make sure you keep watering your basket!

5. When the chilli plant starts to flower, feed it with liquid tomato fertiliser every couple of weeks.

Don't forget to keep watering!

6. Start picking your chillies as soon as they are ready!

The more you pick, the more you'll get!

 I personally found this so great to make (especially as sometimes the potted chillies come with a few pre-grown!), once the spring onions and coriander begin to develop you get the overwhelming sense to get cooking with them straight away.

There's nothing more satisfying than cooking with your own homegrown ingredients! My first dish was a homemade jalfrezi... Let me know what yours will be!


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