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8 Reasons Why You Need A Bird Feeder This Autumn | Flory's Online

8 Reasons Why You Need A Bird Feeder This Autumn

1) Watch different birds as they swoop into your garden

The most obvious benefit of adding a bird feeder to your garden is simply enjoying the sights of watching different types of birds visit your garden on a daily basis. Birds will naturally visit any backyard, but adding a feeder will attract more species and encourage them to keep coming back. 

2) Feeding Birds Is Incredibly Easy

The truth is you simply put out some seeds and birds will come flying in. There are lots of different types of bird food and feeders that can be used to attract different types of birds, but this can be learnt if and when you want!

If you want to keep it simple that's fine!

3) Helping out

In autumn natural food sources become more scarce for birds and whilst some prepare for migration, others will use your feeder as a pitstop on their journey. Your feeder will help them build up their fat reserves and provide them with enough energy to reach their final destination. 

4) It's Educational

Feeding birds can be a fascinating educational activity for all ages. By changing feeder styles and food types you can learn more about the birds that visit, and simply observing the birds will help you learn about behaviours, identifications, personalities and how birds change season by season.

5) Free insect and weed control when spring comes.

Many birds that feed on seeds from your bird feeder will also feast on the seeds of weeds before they sprout in your garden. Not only that but they also love to eat many garden insects that munch away on your garden plants. It's a win win!

6) Your own outdoor pets 

As you become more familiar with your backyard birds, it is possible to begin recognising individual birds by their unique markings or personalities. These “outdoor pets” can be very enjoyable, without the extra costs of extensive veterinary care, housing and training that more traditional pets will require. 

7) Feeding Birds Can Make You Feel Better

There have been studies that suggest feeding birds can help fight seasonal affective disorder and symptoms of depression - there are even many studies that report how bird feeding has therapeutic effects. 

8) Bird Feeding Is A Great Hobby

It's fun watching out for birds, especially when you spot your first visitor.  It helps maintain your garden and it's not very difficult or expensive to keep up with. 

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