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DIY: How to Make Your Own Halloween Hanging Baskets! | Flory's Online

DIY: How to Make Your Own Halloween Hanging Baskets!

If you're looking to add a touch of magic to your garden this Halloween, why not make this super simple spooky hanging basket. The perfect companion for your garden this October. 

All you need to do is follow this step-by-step guide and you'll be able to create this fantastically frightful hanging basket. 

You will need: 

- Small Pumpkin

- Hanging Basket

- Spider Webs

- Multipurpose Soil

- Scariest looking Pansies you can find!

- Collection of colourful leaves, conkers and pine cones

1. Take your small pumpkin, take out the inners and carve a scary face into its side!

2. Take your hanging basket and fill it to the top with multipurpose soil and place your pumpkin in its position, making sure its facing the front of the basket.

3. Dig a hole next to your pumpkin to allow space to plant your 'scary' pansies!

Plant these as close together as you can, and ensure they are all facing forward!

4. Next insert your colourful leaves, standing them up in the soil behind the pumpkin and pansies. 

 If you've picked leaves with long stems it will make this much easier.   

5. Add the pine cones and conkers!

Randomly place them throughout the basket for extra decoration

 6. Now to add the finishing touch! The SPIDERS!

Hanging your basket up first will make this step much easier.

And you're finished! Your own spooky hanging basket!!

This was so much fun to make and so easy! So if you've got some spare time on your hands, I would definitely give this a go! 

We would love to see your halloween hanging baskets so send them to us or tag us in your photos @florysonline #florysonline ! 

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