How to Make Winter Hanging Baskets

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If your summer hanging baskets haven't died already, they probably will soon. But DON'T THROW THEM OUT, or neglect them to the bottom of your garden! Bring them back to life with a winter hanging basket arrangement!

But thats effort right? WRONG! It's so easy even i could do it!

Simply follow my step by step guide and have a beautiful arrangement to last you through winter!

1. Get your hanging basket.

Mine was already lined with a coco liner but if yours isn't you can find lots of different liners at any garden store, pick one and off we go! 

Pierce a hole in the bottom of your liner to allow drainage and prevent the soil becoming too soggy over winter.

2. Using multipurpose compost, fill the basket about 1/3 full.

3.Dig a small hole and plant your first plant!

The plants I used:  

There are a variety of hardy plants that will make it through the winter.
For example:
Taller standing plants for the centre:
  • Carex ‘Frosted Curls’
  • Heather
  • Ornamental grasses or Conifers
Hardy flowers for the outskirts:
  • Cyclamen
  • Violas
  • Pansies
  • Primroses
And a trailing plant for the outside such as the trailing Ivy.


Keep planting all of your plants until your basket is full! 

During winter your plants won't grow that much so feel free to pack as many as you can in there!  Some may loose leaves or even flowers at times so the more the better!

4. Finally don't forget to water your hanging basket!

This fills any loose pockets of air in the soil and brings everything together.

Once you've made your winter hanging baskets I want to see them! Send a photo or tag us! @florysonline. Alternatively leave us a comment and let us know plants what you've used!


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