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Garden Gifts for Dad's who are hard to buy for banner with image of our Golf Solar Light Wall Plaque

Garden Gifts for Dad's Who Are Hard To Buy For!

This year Father's Day falls on Sunday 20th June, and whilst we love celebrating our love for our Dad's on this day, it can be difficult to find them a gift that reflects this love aside from a classic pair of socks.

We've decided to pull together a list of gift suggestions, specifically for the Father's who love spending time in their garden, be that to plant lovely vegetables or relax listening to nature. There's something for everyone in this list, so make sure you take a look at them all. These are great birthday gift ideas too! 


1. For those who love gardening

If your father has a love for gardening already, you might think he has all the equipment he needs. However, I'm sure he would appreciate a refresh of some essentials in his kit that might have aged a little over the years. Here's a few ideas...

Gift Ideas for Father's who love spending time in the garden gardening. Replacing worn kit essentials such as a knee pad or a new hose.


It's important every gardener protects their hands as much best they can, because they are needed for every task; particularly for ripping up weeds, pruning roses and handling heavy garden tools. Having a new pair on stand-by is great when the current pair they use loose their padding or end up with a hole in! I've read these gloves have great reviews, great for heavy duty work, are durable and are also comfortable! 

Knee Pads

Whatever age your father is, if they spend their days gardening or working hard on their allotment, they will definitely be spending time on their knees digging or planting. So, it's really important they protect their knees to ensure they can continue to garden as often and for as long as they so wish to! 

A single knee pad is one option for this, like this one. Although, knee pads like this might be a smarter option. They may not look very chic, but having a knee pad on each knee means they don't need to worry as they move around the garden to remember to pick up the knee pad as they go! 

Some Light!

Why not brighten up your Dad's garden with a Solar Light, so that he can admire all of the hard work he's put in? For those who have covered their garden in flowers and beautiful shrubs, why not gift them with our 'My garden' Solar Light Wall Plaque?

We've also got a Dad's Garden and Grandad's Garden, that are great gifts too. These can be fixed onto a fence, shed or even wall! Don't forget to add a white backing (+£3.99) to help the design really 'pop' if placed onto darker backgrounds. 

Leaf Grabbers

On a first glance, leaf grabbers look quite comical. However, they are lightweight and are a fantastic idea to help get tedious chores done in the garden with speed! These grabbers can be used to move than just leaves, but also grass and other garden waste in large quantities fairly quickly! 

You can even buy leaf grabbers with longer handles, to help get to more tricky flower beds that lots of fallen leaves on them or if you have struggle with back issues. 


Your gardening Dad may have already planned out what they intend to plant, grow and harvest through the year, but seeds will always be a winner and always hugely appreciated! This website lists the best seeds to sow at each month of year, so you know which ones to buy that your Dad can sow in July. 

Hose Pipe Nozzle perfect for Hanging Baskets

We've got a range of Hanging Basket Brackets with or without Solar Lights in our collection, and your recipient may have a few hanging baskets already. However, when it comes to watering these baskets it can be quite tricky and challenging.

To avoid having climb up to water them at a difficult angle or unhook them with a risk of dropping it, these hose pipe nozzle attachments are great for when you want to water hard to reach areas. They can be used elsewhere too such as flowerbeds slightly out of reach, or a birdbath hidden amongst some shrubs! 

2. For the one's who have built themselves a Pub Garden or Man Cave

We’ve had more time over the past year to revamp our gardens into the havens we’ve always wanted them to be. So you might have found your dad chose to create a ‘Man Cave’ or ‘Bar Area’, here’s a couple of gift suggestions to make their new area extra special.

Gifts for Dad's who has a Pub Garden or Man Cave. Dart Board, Personalised Beer Mat.

A Solar Sign!

A 'Man Cave' is defined as 'a room or other part of a home used by a man as a place to relax and pursue hobbies away from the rest of the family'. We've got the perfect Solar Light Sign so your Dad or male relative so they can make it clear where there 'The Man Cave' is in your garden. 

With a choice of Wine O'Clock, Vodka O'Clock, Gin O'Clock or even Prosecco O'Clock, we have some fantastic Solar Signs to light up the area where your  relative will be entertaining their guests!

Cushions and Blankets

Depending on how they've built their Pub or Man Cave, there's a chance it won't be as warm as being inside the comfort of your own home. A few warm blankets or chair cushions are essential to keep any visitors or pub 'customers' warm and comfy whilst being entertained. Although we often get lovely warm weather in the summer, once the sun goes down the evenings can get very chilly. These blankets look super stylish but also warm! 

A Dart Board

A Dart Board is a great gift idea to help create the bar atmosphere or gentleman's club they're aiming for! A dart board can be enjoyed alone or with guests in a little tournament. I've found this one that looks like a winner and can be fixed easily onto a Man Cave wall! 

Beer Runner

This beer mat runner is another great gift as it can be personalised to whatever they've chosen to name their back garden pub! They'll know you put the thought in with this one. 

3. For the one's that have a shed

Father's Day arrives at the start of the summer months and can be (for some) the first time we're opening the shed door again after a long cold winter!

Gift Ideas for Dads/Father's who like spending time in the garden and/or shed. Garden tools and essential kit items.

Storage Hacks

Helping your Dad's shed be as organised as possible is great to ensure they can find everything they're looking for each day. This storage peg board is ideal as it means they can see all of their tools, grab whatever they need easily and no longer need to scramble through a box to find that they need. 

This handy tool storage stool is a great gift to make it easier to move garden tools around the garden, and doubles as a stool! You can't go wrong with this one! 

A Solar Sign!

We've also got a Solar Sign designs in 'Dad's Shed' and 'Grandad's Shed' which are ideal 


3. For the one's who love relaxing in the garden

These gifts are likely to be adored by any Father or male relative who loves spending time in the garden, be that to garden, relax or to entertain. 

Garden Gifts for Father's who love being outside in nature and in their garden. Bird Feeders and Garden Chair.

A Chair

This might seem like a boring idea but a deckchair is a great gift, especially when you manage to find one for an absolute bargain like this one from John Lewis. This sort of chair can easily be stored away in a shed or in the garage without too much fuss, and can probably fit into the car if they choose to take it take it to the allotment with them! 

This chair will come in handy if they love simply listening to the birds and enjoying the sunshine, or after a long day working on the garden with a cuppa! 

Bird Feeder Supplies

Bird Feeder supplies are a great gift for anyone who loves to encourage wildlife into their garden. Who doesn't love hearing the birds sing as they're watering the garden? 

Alongside our Bird Feeder bracket, we also have a Peanut Butter Jar ideal that the birdies will love. I've also discovered these from the National Trust that can find inside a bird feeder your Dad may already have, or even to log/branch the birds can perch on and enjoy munching! 

Solar Lights!

Our Small Solar Lights are a great way to light up your favourite places in the garden, including near flower beds, above the shed door, archways, walk ways. The possibilities are endless!  

Discover all of our Solar Light Wall Plaques here that your Father's, Brother's will love including Spitfire, Cricketer, Cyclist and more, if gardening isn't their only hobby! 


Hopefully that's inspired you for the gifts this Father's Day and you can shop our full collection of products any Dad is guaranteed to love. 

Any products mentioned that are not from The Flory's Collection are all simply suggestions, we have not been asked to mention them nor are we liable if you have trouble shopping with these businesses.  

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