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8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Hanging Basket Bracket All Year Round!

8 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Hanging Basket Bracket All Year Round!

We all know that winter comes around and the colder months set in and suddenly your garden is looking a little bare and a lot less colourful!

All the leaves fall off the trees, it’s cold and it gets dark way earlier than it used to but that doesn’t mean your garden is suddenly off limits- with a few simple changes, you can make your space one to enjoy all your round!

We know a hanging basket is a garden staple so we’re here to give you 8 ideas for how you can make the most out of your hanging basket bracket all year round. 

1: Plant an evergreen hanging basket 

Planning ahead and choosing an evergreen selection of plants to go in your hanging basket is a great way to keep them looking beautiful all year round or you could even replant your hanging basket at the end of the summer season, switching the flowers out for something that will be able to face the harsh winter weather in style! 

There are so many incredible suggestions and ideas online for how to set up your hanging basket so that it can last, and look beautiful in winter conditions. Using hardy plants and shrubs and even winter blooming Pansies would be a great way to keep life in your baskets over the Winter! 

Check out our blog, ‘How to Make Winter Hanging Baskets’, for a handy, easy step by step guide to building a hanging basket filled with hardy plants that will do great over winter.

2: Get an artificial hanging basket 

This is perfect for the slightly less green fingered amongst us (myself included)! 

There are so many lovely artificial hanging basket options to fit any garden and they can be used time and again! (They aren’t as good for the pollinators though, so maybe consider having them as an accompaniment to some other flowers in your garden to make sure we’re still caring for our environment!) 

Blooming Artificial has an amazing selection of pre-made artificial baskets, there’s one to compliment every garden, they have a mindful environmental policy and they’re a UK based business just like us! 


3: Pop on a bird feeder 

Winter can be a tough time for birds, their food sources are depleted in the cold weather so hanging a bird feeder in your garden can be invaluable! Not to mention the entertainment it can provide you watching the birds come and go from your kitchen window throughout the winter! 

And there are some amazing choices out there- the RSPB provides an excellent guide as to what to feed to birds (which you can check out here) whilst also having a shop full of bird feeder options for you to hang in your garden (which you can find here)!  

4: Or a bird box 

Another great way to help your local flying friends is by hanging a birdhouse for them to take up residence in if they need it over winter and maybe even to build their nests in the Spring- they can also add a unique fun element to your garden, like this retro camper hanging birdhouse or this DeathStar inspired birdhouse on ETSY that are both guaranteed to add character to your outdoor space! 

5: Or maybe some lighting 

It’s always a surprise how early the evenings start drawing in and how dark it can get in the late evening once August ends, so why not use your hanging brackets to hold a candle or some fairy lights for those early September evenings when it’s still warm enough to enjoy a drink outside with friends and family as the sunsets! 

These hanging tea light jars from CreatedByMeli on Etsy would be perfect for those early evening gatherings and they’re so cute for the day time too! 

6: How about trying a seasonal wreath 

Didn’t you hear… wreaths are not just for Christmas?! 

You can find wreaths that celebrate all seasons from the crisp orange and red leaves of Autumn to the silver and white encrusted branches of Winter, and there are some amazing artificial options which you can use year on year such as those made by the Big Door Wreath company or you can even browse your local garden centres for some gorgeous natural options! 

Or maybe you’d like to make your own (which is just the perfect activity to mark the start of the season)! The essentials company sells a great range of materials for you to design and make your own wreaths and so many options so you can switch bits out and add new exciting embellishments for each new season. 

7: Seasonal decoration 

Everyone loves a seasonal decoration, whether you’re hoping to spook trick or treaters, the grandchildren or just the hedgehogs there are some excellent hanging halloween decorations that would look amazing on a hanging basket bracket- like these super cute hanging ghosts from VintageRoseLondon! 

And there are some super festive Christmas options out there too if you want to give your hanging baskets a rest over the colder months and save your doorways from screws and hooks that will be useless for the rest of the year! 

8: Use it as an anchor

This one is a little bit more of a reach than the others but it might be my favourite thanks to its versatility! 

And when I say as ‘an anchor’ I’m not talking about using your bracket to moor a boat, but more about using it to tie or anchor other things such as a waterproof fabric onto to give you cover from the British early Autumn weather that can never make up its mind, or maybe even a white sheet to create a plain backdrop to watch a movie with a portable projector as a unique garden experience! 


There is so much you can do with your hanging bracket and there are no limits so get creative and don’t forget to send us a photo of what you choose to pop on your hanging basket bracket this season and all year round too- we love to see our Flory’s online hanging basket brackets out in the wild! 

And, if you haven’t yet picked up your own Flory’s hanging basket bracket, check out our range of large hanging basket brackets here and our range of small hanging brackets here.

And, if you're curious, click here to browse our full collection of unique and thoughtful metal garden gifts! 

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Any products mentioned that are not from The Flory's Collection are all simply suggestions, we have not been asked to mention them nor are we liable if you have trouble shopping with these businesses. 

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