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Charity Donation Request Form

Charity Donation Request Form

As a small business we get lots of requests for donations, and whilst we would LOVE to help everyone we simply can't. So, to support as many deserving causes as possible we are going to be donating to one charity a month. 

The charity will be selected at random, with a consideration of when the fundraising event is taking place.

Please make sure to pop in all your contact details in this form, so we can get in touch if we're able to support your charity ✍️

For any charities we are able to support, we would really love for you to share any photos from your event with us, and how much in total you managed to raise. 

In turn, we'll promise to spread the word about your fundraising with our community too! 

Click here complete the Charity Donation Request Form

All the best,

Jess Flory x

Flory's Online - Jess Flory with Cat Solar Wall Light infront of brick wall

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