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International Cat Day- 8 Easy Things You Can Do To Show Your Cat Some Love

International Cat Day- 8 Easy Things You Can Do To Show Your Cat Some Love

The 8th of August is international cat day- a day dedicated to one of the nation's favourite pets, founded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002 and now overseen by non profit British organisation International Cat Care, an organisation that has been advocating for cat welfare since the late 1950s. 

According to PDSA, 24% of the UK population has a pet cat which means there are about 11.1 million cats in the country. That’s a lot of cats! And the 8th of August is their day, so why not celebrate your fabulous feline friend to make them feel special. 

Though cats were once considered divine beings and were even given jewels, you don’t have to do anything that extreme… 

We’ve got 8 great ideas for how you can show your cat some love today! 


You could make them a cat friendly celebration cake 

We celebrate holidays with cakes so it only makes sense to make a celebration cake for your cat this international cat day. Just make sure it’s cat friendly! This recipe from Battersea has only a few ingredients and some super easy instructions. I’m sure it would look yummy if I was a cat too. 

Or some homemade treats

Or you could go all Scooby snacks for cats and make some handmade treats. Once again, it’s super important they are made from only cat friendly ingredients, like these ones also from Battersea which use only 3 ingredients and can be kept a week after you make them.

Maybe introduce a form of enrichment in their meal times

Cats are naturally inquisitive and intelligent creatures so setting up easy enrichment activities is an excellent way to let them exercise these skills. 

There are so many amazing ideas dotted all around the internet that are super cheap and easy to DIY with so many options depending on what you know your cat loves. My personal favourite is the reach feeder in this article by the ASPCA that you can make with just an old cardboard box and some toilet paper rolls. 

Treat them to a new toy 

Gifting your cat a new toy is also such a great way to mark the occasion! They are so many amazing options out there. I love the options on Honeysuckle cat toys, a small UK business that sells cat toys made out of Tatarian Honeysuckle wood! 

Or some catnip

Catnip is a plant that contains a chemical, nepetalactone, that can affect cats leading to a relaxed and mellow feline. It is considered safe to use and there are so many options but I love the King Catnip bubbles, sold through Just for Pets, that combine the sensory and play activity of bubbles with catnip extract. 

Keep in mind though that not every cat has a sensitivity to catnip due to differences in genetics so if you find your cat is unbothered by the herb then there is nothing to worry about it’s likely it just doesn’t affect them! 

How about you make them an obstacle course 

Some cats love to be challenged so this might just be the perfect treat! 

And it’s really easy, you don’t need any super special equipment, you could even just stack plastic cups on top of each other to make jumps or use the furniture you already have and just some blankets, maybe throw in a little aluminium foil to make it exciting. Get creative with it! 

Maybe let them choose what goes on the TV… 

I can’t think of a better way for a cat to celebrate international cat day than by setting up in front of the TV with their favourite show on (and a slice of cat cake of course!) so I absolutely had to include this one! And I even found a little article by that lists some of the most popular cat shows from birds chirping to swimming fish!

Or you could treat them to a Florys cat Solar Wall Plaque or hanging basket bracket! 

Okay, so maybe your cat would prefer the cake or the catnip bubbles, but I’m sure a species accustomed to being painted on the sides of ancient Egyptian tombs would love to see themselves popped up on your wall, fence or perched atop your hanging basket bracket! (Or maybe they would just love the box! 😆) 

Check out our collection of cat designs on our website today! 

Any products mentioned that are not from The Flory's Collection are all simply suggestions, we have not been asked to mention them nor are we liable if you have trouble shopping with these businesses.

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