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International Dog Day- 8 Easy Ways To Make Your Dog's Day

The 26th of August is international dog day, a day dedicated to our lovely four legged friends that we’re so FURtunate to have. 

Approximately 27% of UK adults have a dog as a pet- which means the UK dog population is PAWsitively huge and today is the day to make them feel special! So, whether your pet more closely resembles the wolves they’re supposedly descended from or if they’re a little more of a pampered pooch, we’ve got 8 PAWsome ideas for how you can show make your dog's day!

Dog running across the screen

1- Take them on a new walk 

Dogs love to explore, they love a good adventure so shaking up your walks and giving them new sights, sounds and smells can be a real treat. 

I absolutely love the website walkiees which is a community sourced collection of walks all over the country with pictures and a description for each walk so you can discover new routes whilst knowing they’re safe for your pup! 

Dog running across the screen

2- Make them a doggy safe celebration cake

If you read our article on International Cat Day then you’ll already know that I love a pet friendly celebration cake so I just had to include a celebration cake for a dog. This one is also from Battersea made from entirely dog friendly ingredients with easy instructions and even a video demonstrating how to make it! 

Dog running across the screen

3- Take them to a pet shop and let them pick a new toy 

I personally love seeing dogs in pet stores- the energy is amazing and letting them pick something out for themselves is so cute and also a great activity for you and your pet to do together! 

There are some stunning local pet shops up and down the country so it’s always worth checking around and about or even searching online for any local small businesses around you before heading to the larger chain stores! 

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4- Play enrichment games with them 

Just like taking your dog to a new area for a walk, enrichment activities gives them something new to explore and learn. There are so many options out there and this article by DogsTrust lays out some excellent ideas and tips and tricks for you. 

Speaking from experience though, not every dog is going to enjoy every kind of activity- I once thought my very bouncy dog would take to some doggy agility but she was not interested at all. So really, it’s all about giving things a go and learning what works for your and your dog! 

Dog running across the screen

5- Host a doggy party 

Okay… I love this one! 

Getting all your friends and their four legged companions together for a party that the dogs and the people will enjoy would be such a lovely way to celebrate the occasion. 

You can even buy the cutest doggy party hats- I love these ones from BarkingTogs on Etsy, they’re so cute! Or you might prefer to make your own- this article by Make and Build Dog Stuff lays out a great, super easy to follow method and even covers how to make top hats too just in case you’d like to make it a black tie event! 

And why not give some party games a go! I love the ideas in this article by the dog bakery- my personal favourite is 'Scooby says' the puppy dog version of 'Simon says', a great way to show off the training you and your dog have worked on! 

The possibilities are endless!

Dog running across the screen

6- Give them an at home pamper session 

Some doggos like to run in mud and through places we wouldn’t dream of venturing, whilst others don’t really like going outside when it rains, but whether you have a mucky pup or a precious pooch a good pampering is always a safe bet.

A nice sudsy bath might be right up your dog's street, or maybe a good ear rub or just a thorough brush down! Either way this is another lovely way to spend time with your dog and I’m sure they’d appreciate a good spa treatment! 

I love the UK based small business Wild for Dogs that sells eco-friendly dog grooming products that are safe for your pet and the planet! 

Dog running across the screen

7- Teach them some new tricks 

Okay so this isn’t going to be for everyone- we all know that some dogs can just about grasp how to sit- but this is another activity you can do with your dog to give them a bit of attention! It might take masses of patience (and treats) but just imagine the bragging rights when your dog can do something really cute. 

This blog post by outlines some staple dog tricks (with video tutorials too so don’t worry!) And with a bag of your dog's favourite treats (these ones from Lily’s kitchen look so unique) you might just be able to teach your dog something new! 

Dog running across the screen

8- Treat them to a doggy box 

I love a good subscription box and UK small business Woof Box have some amazing options for you to explore- you can even pick a one off gift box if you’re not too keen on a monthly subscription! 

It’s also definitely worth noting if you know that your pup has stomach issues or dietary requirements that you can pick out a box filled entirely with toys so you don’t have to worry about treats going unused!

And you can even donate a gift box to a choice of charities to spread the puppy love!

Dog running across the screen

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Any products mentioned that are not from The Flory's Collection are all simply suggestions, we have not been asked to mention them nor are we liable if you have trouble shopping with these businesses. 

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