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How to remove your Solar Light cover and turn it on

How to remove your Solar Light cover and turn it on

Watch this quick video below to find out how to get your Solar Light switched on!

Or keep reading for a handy step by step guide! 

Step One: Open Up The Light Cover ✨

Your light cover should arrive unclipped and attached to the light via a yellow sticker just to make the set up easier, but if not don't worry. Whilst it can sometimes be a bit tricky to take the light cover off, getting a firm grip and pulling down should get that right off for you- have a look at photo 2 below for an idea of how to grip the cover. 

Step Two: Activate Your Light ⭐️

When you open your light up just check the battery is secured and in place for you then turn it on via the small switch in the centre. 

Step Three: Give It A Test ✨

Now that you've turned your light on just cover the top of the solar panel with your hand to check that it works, then replace the light cover securely and your light is ready for the garden 🏡 

Just a quick note, when testing your light it's best to do this inside and in a dark room as the solar panels can be very sensitive so recreating night time is really important. 

If you have any questions or queries about your Solar Light or if it doesn't work when you give it a test then please get in touch via:


Or give us call on 01562 307407 (lines open Mon-Fri 8.30am-4-pm)

We are more than happy to help! 

All the best, Jess and the Flory's Online Team 

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