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In need of some Shed-spiration?

In need of some Shed-spiration?

Prepare to have your creativity sparked! 🤩

Whether you've just bought a new shed or perhaps it's sat at the bottom of the garden collecting cobwebs, our sheds do a great job at doing what they were built to do... be a safe place for all of our gardening tools!

However what if a small lick of paint, or better yet a simple solar light could transform your shed into an eye-catching masterpiece that you'll enjoy looking at from the kitchen window?

Over the last few months I've been lucky enough to have so many wonderful photos of your Flory's items appearing on your sheds that I couldn't resist sharing with you too! 


Small Solar Lights


Spitfire, Mum's Garden, Steam Train, Tractor


She Shed Solar Wall Plaque on this beautiful & blue potting shed!


Two Birds Solar Wall Plaque shown in the day and night!


Fisherman Solar Wall Plaque


Spitfire Trio Wall Art


Small Robin Solar Light


Butterflies and Two Birds on this glowing blue shed!

Which shed was your favourite? I'm struggling to decide myself!

Hopefully you're feeling a little more inspired and excited to transform the often 'boring' part of your outdoor space.

If you're in need some solar lights and unique garden wall art...

Discover all of our collection here ⭐️

Plus!!! If you haven't already, why not share your own garden snapshots and videos featuring your solar lights 😍

By doing so you'll be in for a chance to win a £100 Gift Voucher -  there's a new winner every month! 📸✨

So, grab your camera, get creative, and let those Solar Selfies shine! 🤳

Share your photos with us via email or Instagram 📸

All the best,

Jess Flory xxx

Please note: Any photos and videos sent in to us may be used for promotional use or future advertisement. If you do not wish to have your photo or video used in any way please let us know and we will remove it immediately. See our previous winners here

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